How to List Your RV on Stay Outside: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to List Your RV on Stay Outside: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever considered earning extra cash by renting out your RV? Well, good news – Stay Outside provides an incredible platform to help you achieve that goal. This website was created to connect RV owners with adventurous individuals searching for unique outdoor experiences. By listing your RV on this website, you can showcase your rig to thousands of potential renters. Plus, it makes managing your bookings and communicating with renters easy.

In this blog, we’ll provide a helpful step-by-step guide on how to list your RV successfully on So whether you’re new to the RV rental world or looking to improve your listing, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Sign Up for

The first step is to create an account on Don’t worry; it’s a breeze! Just head over to the website, and click on “Register.” You’ll need to provide some basic information during the sign-up process, such as your display name, contact information, a brief bio, and desired password. Once you’ve provided this information, you’ll be asked to verify your account through your provided contact email.

Sometimes, additional verification steps may be necessary to ensure the safety and security of the RV rental community. But don’t worry, Stay Outside takes security seriously, so you can be sure that anyone renting your RV through their platform has been thoroughly vetted.

Step 2: Create Your RV Listing

Now that you’ve signed up for, it’s time to list your RV and start making money. Creating a new listing may seem overwhelming, but it’s pretty simple. First, you’ll need to select “List your RV” from your dashboard. From there, you’ll be prompted to fill out fields such as the make and model of your RV, the location, and pricing information.

Make sure to include descriptions- the more detailed, the better! Talk about the features and any unique aspects of your RV. Make sure to note the size of your RV, as that’ll help potential renters determine if it’s a good fit for their needs. However, size is only part of it – be sure to list any amenities your RV has, such as a fully equipped kitchen or a cozy outdoor lounge area. And remember to upload high-quality photos that showcase your RV in the best light possible.

Creating an effective listing will attract more renters and have a better chance of booking your RV consistently throughout the year. Happy listing!

Step 3: Set Your Rental Rates and Availability

Once you’ve received your RV description and photos, it’s time to price your rental and set your availability. You enter your desired rental rate per night and then mark the dates your RV is available for booking. To ensure your rental is priced competitively with similar RVs, quickly search the site and see what other owners charge.

Adding amenities or flexibility in booking dates can make your listing more attractive to potential renters. Finally, check for any additional fees or charges you may need to include in your rental price, such as cleaning or pet fees. With everything set up and ready to go, you’ll be well on your way to earning extra cash with your RV through Stay Outside.

Step 4: Respond to Rental Requests

Now that your RV is listed, you may receive rental requests from potential renters interested in booking your vehicle. Responding to these requests is essential in securing your booking and ensuring a positive rental experience for both parties.

When communicating with potential renters, be sure to respond promptly and professionally. Answer any questions they may have and be open to negotiating any rental agreement details. In addition, keep in mind any policies or guidelines Stay Outside sets for responding to rental requests. Effective communication is key to making a successful rental booking, so stay courteous and helpful throughout the process.

Step 5: Manage Your Rental Bookings

Managing your bookings effectively is important now that your RV is up for rent. Keep a close eye on your calendar to avoid accidentally overlapping reservations or double booking. When you receive a rental request, review it carefully before accepting or rejecting it. Stay Outside has helpful guidelines to help you make the best decision for you and your renters.

For instance, you can set minimum and maximum rental periods and screening questions for potential renters to answer. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to communicate clearly with renters about pickup and drop-off times and any special instructions for using your RV.

Step 6: Get Paid for Your Rentals

When someone books your RV, you can work directly with your renter to secure the payment. We suggest using zelle, venmo or paypal. You can email a detailed quote and require money down in order to lock in the desired dates requested by the renter. Stay Outside only charges a transparent annual fee of $250, with no hidden charges or commissions, so that you can keep all your earnings.

To ensure timely payments, update your availability calendar and respond promptly to inquiries or booking requests. Review Stay Outside’s payment policies and guidelines to prevent payment disputes. With these steps in mind, you’ll be all set to earn extra income by sharing the joy of RV travel with others.

Step 7: Maintain Your RV Listing

Keeping your listing up-to-date and relevant boosts your chances of booking and builds trust with renters. After all, nobody wants to rent a run-down RV that looks nothing like the photos online. To keep your listing fresh, update your availability calendar, regularly add new images, and update your description to highlight new features or amenities.

However, be mindful that Stay Outside has policies and guidelines for making changes to your listing, so review those before making any updates. Keeping your listing in tip-top shape will attract renters and increase their chances of booking a stay in your cozy RV.

Step 8: Provide Excellent Customer Service

Once you’ve listed your RV on Stay Outside, it’s important to remember that you’re not just renting out a vehicle – you’re also providing an experience. And as with any good experience, customer service is key. So when communicating with potential renters, be precise and responsive. Ask them about their needs and preferences, and provide all the necessary information they’ll need for their trip. And if any issues arise during the rental period, be sure to address them promptly and professionally.

Above all, remember that your customers are looking to you for a memorable and hassle-free vacation – so prioritize their needs and make their trip one to remember.

List Your Camper With

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